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TRENS SK, a.s.

TRENS a.s, Manual and CNC Lathes with excellent performance, which combine the advantages of conventional and CNC machines. Inclined bed turning centers are designed for high-precision and productive machining.

TOS Olomouc

TOS Olomouc, s.r.o. is one of the leading European manufacturers of milling machines. Our specialization is bracket and tool milling machines in conventional design as well as with CNC control.


TOS CELAKOVICE is production of high precision grinding machines, universal centre lathes and CNC universal centre lathes, CNC gear cutting machines.


We specialize in overhauls "refurbishing" of TOS VARNSDORF Horizontal Boring mills.. ,Manual machines (W100A, W9, WH63) as well as an automatic/continuous CNC controller (eg WH10cnc, WHN(q)13 cnc).

PSP Pohony

PSP Pohony a.s. is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial gearboxes, clutches, brakes and drive applications components located in Přerov, Czech Republic. The company was established in 1994 by a merge of two divisions (Gearboxes and Clutches) of the former joint-stock company PSP Přerovské strojírny.

TOS Svitavy

TOS Svitavy is one of the most important manufacturers of clamping tools from small 2-6 jaws chucks to large special chucks with a diameter of more than 500mm.


We are very proud of having vast range of products lines.. from knee type of milling machine , BED type, Ram type up to now column moving planer type machine for heavy metal processing industry.

Each of them brags the flawless accuracy, powerful strength, durability in the way no one get you same feeling like us. 


Oil Country Lathe (32” Bed) is a famous product line for oil & gas fielding and metal industry. It could be big bore lathe of double chucks at both sides of the headstock, or it could have large swing for big workpiece. Big bore lathe is very good at threading and cutting at the two ends of long pipes or tubes. Besides, large swing could be applied to big steel rollers, large diameter flanges, long shafts of ships, etc. By the way, for better workpiece clamping, we have rotary quill option on tailstocks.

Ferndale Safety

Machine Guarding Experts Engineering Installation | Fabrication

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